Welcome to Ondine

Ondine---the name of our enzyme bath spa---was named after water nymph in the work of Jean Giraudoux, a French playwright. Ondine was established and opened as if rinsing water had flowed, reflecting its deep connection with water.

Please come and enjoy our heating treatment to relax and rejuvenate you physically and mentally. You will surely feel the healing power of pure water from inside and outside like water flowing from a fountain.

We at Ondine would like to welcome you at our enzyme bath and will do our best to contribute to the society by offering you a 'Healing Community Center' to offer you the opportunity to practice self-consciousness and sharing. 'Share of happiness' is our supreme goal.

                                       Harumi Koizumi


Biography of Harumi Koizumi, owner

Harumi Koizumi attended the maternity classes designed with an emphasis on meditation, while she was pregnant. Later, she joined 'Fuji Japan' founded with the aim to spread thoughts observation, and studied Pleiades doctrine there. Also, she further studied under Ms. Yasuko Kasaki, a spiritual counselor and representative of CRS, healing & community center in NY, and started to take a course in Miracles (ACIM) in 2004. Since the following year, she has organized seminars by Ms. Kasaki a few times a year. In March 2007, she opened Ondine in Meguro, Tokyo to offer rice bran enzyme bath treatment and counseling & healing treatment. She is currently catering to customers from afar, including NY, and committed to serving the customers to the full extent.


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